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in this page, you’re going to watch our profesional made haircut montages! let’s begin…

Interview with Salon E Achrafieh! | Everything you need to know about our Salon

Hair & Beard Cut for Georges Assaf at Salon “E” Achrafieh – The Best Barber in Beirut

Long Hair Cut – Beard Shaving – Hair Transformation | Salon E Achrafieh

The BEST Cut for to make your CHILD look like a prince!

Long TO Short Hair Transformation for Women!

Hairdressing Mastery– Haircut ShowDown Montage

Blond Man Styling – Stylish Cut Montage

Hairstyle Transformation – Before and after!

HairCut Design for a Young Man!

Cutting hair and trimming beard! Stylish HairCut Montage

Why “Salon E Achrafieh” is the BEST Barber in Lebanon!

More videos coming soon!